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Who We Are

Established by Mehmet ÖZEL in 1955, ÖZEL TEKSTIL has grown and developed continuously. It is currently managed by the second generation and has become a fully integrated woven fabric manufacturer that is recognized in both international and domestic markets. With an innovative and high-quality product policy, ÖZEL TEKSTIL has made a name for itself in these markets. Building on over 65 years of textile experience, ÖZEL TEKSTIL has strengthened its position with original designs and a commitment to the right and quality service. The new generation in its management keeps up with the times, responds rapidly to evolving global demands and the fast fashion trend, and is confidently moving forward on the path to becoming a "fast fashion and textile" production center.

ÖZEL TEKSTIL operates in its fully integrated factory, spanning 12,500 square meters in the Bursa Inegöl Organized Industrial Zone. It brings together an average of 1.25 million meters of fabric production each month with its valuable brand and apparel customers in both local and international markets.


Our foreign design consultants and our talented R&D team create two main collections and, in addition, capsule collections are designed every month based on market demands and themes. While our collection mainly focuses on women’s upper garments (blouses, shirts, dresses), we also offer services in the trouser and jacket categories, as well as our Chanel/boucle collection.


ÖZEL TEKSTIL’s design and R&D teams closely follow rapidly changing fashion trends to create innovative and distinct products. In pursuit of developing these products, we research different and innovative fibers, yarns, dyestuffs, chemicals, machinery, and new technologies. Sustainability is our top priority in these endeavors.


Environmental awareness and respect for human health are essential factors for ÖZEL TEKSTIL. We meticulously monitor all processes, from raw materials and chemicals to the machinery and processes they are used in, working environments, and the sustainability of inputs in terms of human health and environmental sensitivity. We have implemented necessary standardization, certification, and improvements in this regard.


ÖZEL TEKSTIL manufactures products that are sensitive to human and environmental health, using raw materials and production processes that are also sensitive to human and environmental health. Our sole purpose is to make our customers feel “SPECIAL.”