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As Özel Tekstil; The demands from our customers are met quickly and in accordance with quality standards in line with unconditional customer satisfaction, with our jacquard and dobby weaving looms equipped with the latest technologies, and our warp and sample warp machines suitable for all types of reports. In our weaving department, our monthly production capacity reaches 1,250,000 meters with our rapier and air jet looms and our contracted partners.

In the fabrics we develop by following the fashion and customer demands; All kinds of sustainable and conventional yarns, from 3.5 Nm yarn to 20 dn yarn, cotton, viscose, tencel, modal, nylon, polyester, floss, fancy and blended, are used. Shirt, blouse, jacket and trouser fabrics from 50 gr/m2 to 400 gr/m2 are produced carefully. Our products and production processes are constantly improved with our experienced and trained employees and our systems and technology that are constantly optimized according to the requirements of the day.