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Social Compliance Policy

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Publication Date 20.06.2022
Revision No 00
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Class Tailored Service


• We will not employ workers younger than the legal compulsory education age and we will ensure that all our business partners comply with applicable legal obligations,
• Not to employ contractual, debt-based, illegal, convict forced or involuntary workers, and to comply with the principle of volunteering in overtime work,
• To comply with the obligations in the occupational health and safety legislation and international standards, to take all kinds of preventive measures to prevent occupational accidents and to ensure the participation of all employees in occupational health and safety practices and to adopt a working system that prioritizes the general health of employees and to provide continuous training to our employees in this regard. to give,
• To employ employees based on their ability to do the job, and not on the basis of race, color, language, religion, ethnicity, political opinion, marital status, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation or gender discrimination,
• To treat all employees with respect and dignity, and not to allow verbal, physical or psychological harassment or mistreatment,
• Working hours; Determining overtime working hours based on applicable laws and obligations, ensuring that they comply with legal deadlines and customer standards,
• Complying with the rules of ethical business conduct and not tolerating any form of corruption, fraud or bribery,
• Respecting human rights, continuous improvement regarding the environment and working conditions, and continuous development in compliance with the law,
• We undertake to train our employees in social and environmental dimensions in order to reach international standards, to improve our policies by making comparisons and reviews, to increase employee morale and efficiency, to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, to increase our prestige in society, to value employees as human beings, to implement and continuously improve our system.