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Quality Management System Policy

Document Number PO2
Publication Date 20.06.2022
Revision No 00
Revision Date
Class Tailored Service
To be a reliable and sought-after company within a philosophy that fully meets our customer’s needs and expectations in all processes.
• To maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in the products and services we provide, effectively manage customer feedback.
• To establish a quality management system that aims to eliminate non-value-added processes, use resources efficiently, make on-time deliveries, and continuously improve.
• To closely monitor and implement technological developments to reduce costs and increase profitability.
• To instill a sense of quality in all employees.
• To have a trust-based collaboration with suppliers.
• To produce the most appropriate, accurate, and economical solutions as quickly as possible to prevent future nonconformities.
• To create products and processes that will provide continuous innovation and development, going beyond customer expectations.
• To be a responsible and exemplary organization in the community and the environment.
• To contribute to the national economy by continuously expanding the business volume, the company has defined this as the Quality Policy.