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Environmental Management System Policy

Document Number PO3
Publication Date 20.06.2022
Revision No 00
Revision Date
Class Tailored Service
• To protect the environment and spread this principle to our entire environment, country, and the world,
• Identifying and reducing risks for environmental emergencies,
• Providing environmental awareness and energy efficiency training to employees and all stakeholders to enhance their knowledge,
• Providing the necessary human resources, technology, and financial resources to reduce our environmental impact and use energy efficiently,
• Complying with relevant environmental and energy legislation requirements,
• Implementing energy efficiency projects in production activities and engaging in activities that increase the use of renewable energy sources,
• Raising awareness and encouraging our suppliers and stakeholders to work on better environmental and energy efficiency practices,
• Ensuring continuous improvement and enhancement by meeting all legal and customer requirements related to environmental aspects,
• Establishing health, safety, and environmental integrity by reducing emergency risks that may arise within the framework of occupational health and safety rules,
• Our company has defined a better environment by working on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery of waste at the source as our company’s Environmental Policy.