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Energy Management System Policy

Document Number PO1
Publication Date 12.12.2022
Revision No 00
Revision Date
Class Tailored Service
ÖZELTEKSTİL aims to prioritize the value it places on people and the environment in all of its activities and strives to meet its customers’ needs and expectations with a commitment to quality products and services.

As a conscious organization that believes sustainable growth should revolve around sustainable energy principles, we commit to:

  • Conserve natural resources and achieve energy efficiency.
  • Reduce waste, promote recycling, and prevent pollution through responsible disposal.
  • Consider energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in all processes, starting from product planning and design.
  • Develop and implement energy efficiency projects that positively impact climate change.
  • Procure products, services, and technologies that promote energy efficiency and support high-performance designs.
  • Implement an Energy Management System throughout our product activities.
  • Comply with relevant legal and other energy-related requirements.
  • Identify threats related to energy risks and define the damage they may cause to the business.
  • Continuously improve and enhance our energy performance.
  • Take necessary measures to reduce and eliminate adverse environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Periodically review our goals and objectives and allocate the required resources to achieve them.
  • Increase awareness and consciousness by ensuring that our policy is understood and embraced by our stakeholders.
  • We declare and commit to these principles and values.