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Since 1955, ÖZEL TEKSTİL

ÖZEL TEKSTİL was founded as “Özel Manifatura” by Mehmet Özel in Kayseri.

The company initially started fabric sales as a producer and wholesaler.


The first multi-story store concept, “Özel Manifatura Mağazası,” was opened in Kayseri.


A wholesale fabric store was opened in Sultanhamam, the textile trade center of Istanbul.


Fabric production started with an investment in a weaving facility in Bursa.


The “ÖZEL TEKSTİL” brand was registered. The new generation joined the management.


It started operating its integrated facility with a dye house investment in the İnegöl Organized Industrial Zone, covering an area of 12,500 square meters.


The initial steps of the digitalization process were taken with the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and weaving automation investments.


The cone/yarn dyeing facility was put into operation. Additionally, new cone dyeing machines were installed and a sample dyeing line was introduced. All cone dyeing and yarn dyeing units began to be managed with an automation system.


With the new investments, the weaving facility’s capacity was increased by 50%. Jacquard weaving units and looms, as well as new sample machines and warp preparation lines, were put into operation.


Digitalization investments continued, and a significant investment was made in the dyeing department with the automation of dye preparation and input processes.


As part of sustainability goals, investments were initiated to source electricity from green energy, leading to the operation of a Solar Energy Plant (SEP). In the dyeing department, a technology upgrade investment was made to target water and energy savings.


Powered by a dynamic, innovative, environmentally conscious, experienced, and competent workforce, ÖZEL TEKSTİL has reached its current corporate structure with foreign and domestic design consultants, jacquard and dobby weaving machines, a 12,500 m2 integrated production facility, and a monthly capacity of 1.25 million meters.
In addition to its ever-expanding employment structure and increasing commercial successes, ÖZEL TEKSTİL has realized numerous social responsibility projects related to the environment and society, such as Özel Tekstil Forest and student scholarships. Continuing sustainability goals and social responsibility projects without interruption are one of ÖZEL TEKSTİL’s fundamental principles.