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Dyeing & Finishing

Our dyeing and finishing facility operates with a modern and diverse machinery setup, working in accordance with the quality, speed, and open communication framework based on the criteria set by our customers.

In our fabric dyeing section, we produce both plain dyed and yarn-dyed fabrics using a modern and diverse machinery setup. Our dyeing facility can process all types of fibers, whether with or without lycra, and deliver finished fabrics to our customers with our wide range of finishing and processing machines. Our monthly production capacity is 1,250,000 meters per month. The chemical substances and dyes we use conform to international standards and are "OEKO-TEX" certified.

Our production process is supported by a management information system and chemical automation, enabling monitoring and record-keeping at every stage.

Our dyeing facility is equipped with fully automated dyeing and chemical systems, operating machines from renowned brands like THEN, FONG’S, ATYC, DMS, and MEZERRA JIGGER, as well as an ERBATECH washing machine and MONFORST and BABCOCK finishing machines.

Our chemistry laboratory employs state-of-the-art ODS laboratory automation pipetting systems.

Customer satisfaction is our fundamental principle.