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R&D and PD

Özel Textile views PD – "Product Development" and R&D – "Research and Development" as interconnected yet independent concepts. Therefore, PD and R&D activities are carried out by two separate units that complement each other.

Research and Development

As Özel Textile, one of our strongest points is innovation production. Our design team, working together with talented, difference-making designers and textile engineers, conducts continuous research both domestically and internationally. While our designers closely follow the latest trends, our engineers also keep track of new technologies and raw materials. Our collections are prepared as a synthesis of these two efforts. Our R&D department develops 2 main season and 6 interim capsule season collections each year.

Product Development

Within PD, we conduct CAD studies related to product development requests from our customers, and if requested, yarn color studies according to the color scale are carried out and provided in conjunction. In cases where the CAD study is not sufficient, a "hand template" woven with the requested colors and yarns is produced. The hand template helps form clearer ideas in terms of product-production safety.

Our customer and collection samples are made with the latest technology in "sample warping, weaving, and dyeing" machines, serving both our customers and our collection studies with sample productions ranging from 20 m to 300 m.